AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment are delighted to announce that Ripper Masks, , are the official sponsor for ‘Torchure’ a brand new experience where guests will be plunged into total darkness for a free-flow heart-pounding experience never before seen in the UK. The Daemons of ‘IndustriHELL’ envelop you in the darkness as you ‘go into the light’ for a truly horrifying impact based scare entertainment experience.

Torchure Key Visual

Ripper Masks is a new mail order based company in the UK. They specialise in High quality latex monster/horror masks. Ripper Masks are made using heavy duty latex and each one is handmade and painted individually to ensure the best quality possible.

The Ripper Masks collection is rapidly expanding and they also make one of a kind, commissioned pieces.

To find out more about Ripper Masks go to their website or visit their face book page .

HA-New-Logo copy

To find out more about Torchure at The Halloween Adventure Scream Park, Stockeld Park please visit .


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