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Get yourself a dose of devilish news, reviews and features as Scareworld Magazine publishes the long-awaited ninth issue!

Complete with a brand-new look and design layout, Scareworld is Europe’s only printed media publication covering the world of scare attractions and scare entertainment.

Online editions can be downloaded FREE of charge, while hard-copy editions can be purchased and sent directly to your home via the website at


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AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment – Europe’s biggest supplier and producer of scare entertainment attractions announces a raft of unique experiences and attractions for the remainder of 2014 and the beginning of 2015!

PWE21407022017.pwe53ce2f28034e77.28817428In July 2014, we worked with Freeman UK, to design and produce all live performer elements for their Labyrinth of Invention time-travel adventure through history, which was hosted at The Farnborough Air Show, and featured characters from fact and fiction to whisk guests back in time to witness the origins of aviation.  AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment designed 10 different characters including a comedic duo of Munitionettes named ‘Vera & Marsha’, the pioneering aviation designer ‘Samuel Franklin Cody’, Concorde hostess and host ‘Pam and Barney’ and even ‘Zion’ – a time-travelling Space Flight Ambassador from the year 2014!  Watch the video at

In August 2014 we are producing all live performer elements for an overnight horror game Dusk Till Dawn III.  This is the third year AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment have worked for Lancashire County Council to produce live elements for an immersive overnight horror experience set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by an unforgiving President.  More information at

From June to September, Horror Camp LIVE!, the world’s first horror camping experience, returns for its third season.  Totally re-imagined, this latest version of the experience includes all new dares, 365 degree immersive sets and characters.  For full details and to book tickets for this 13 hour overnight scare entertainment experience visit

Opening in July, the brand-new Mystery Mansion adventure attraction aimed at children under 10 years old, and their families, opens at Mrs Dowson’s Farm Park in Lancashire.  This unique visitor attraction takes place in a magical manor house and invites guests to take part in an interactive and educational ‘treasure hunt’ through mysterious rooms and passageways, while a zany Professor and bumbling Butler act as guides.  You can find full details at

Scream School – the scareactor training programme, continues to teach the skills of scareacting to members of the public wishing to work in the scare entertainment industry, the next public course is at the end of August.  To book tickets and for more information visit

Scare Kingdom Scream Park returns throughout October and November with 6 all new scare attractions and experiences.  Get banged up inside The Oubliette for an appointment with the Minister of Fear. Take a snaking trek in total darkness, where The Slenderman’s faceless minions fester among the corn-less husks in The Clonefields.  In Hellcatraz it is dog eat dog, as guests are processed into the world’s most infamous penitentiary, a chaotic and unique black and white nightmare. The journey continues with a visit to the house that should never have been built and won’t stay dead, as the vengeful sorceress Tituba and The Sisters of The Black Flame weave a web of dark magic over the manse, luring unwary mortals into Manormortis Covenstead where darkness falls. Guest will then be forced to break into the secret vault of the monstrous psycho-genius Volka Schlachten, and crawl through the trap infested abomination known as the Human Zoo.  Finally, Big King Dickie, the ‘Shake-scare-ean’ King, along with the sinister spirit medium Penny Dreadful, and her creator – the ghost writer William Strange allow guests to recover in our licensed Brouhaha Bar, and take home a sick souvenir, framed photograph or key-ring from our Scare Booth so they never forget their visit.  Those who dare can also endure Psychomanteum: Deeper Treatment – for an additional charge – a personal sensory-deprived psychosexual scare experience set in an all-new seriously twisted correctional facility that guests face alone.  Scare Kingdom Scream Park is located at Hawkshaw Farm Park, minutes from the M6 junction 31 on the A59 near Preston and Blackburn in Lancashire, UK. It is open on selected nights between October 4th and November 8th 2014 inclusive.  Advance booking essential.  To book tickets and for more information visit and watch out for our competition ‘The Worst Night of Your Life’ to spend the night inside Manormortis – coming soon!

The Halloween Adventure Scream Park will unlock its gates once again, for the fifth season as we produce three new scare entertainment experiences for daring families.  Take a walk through HEX in the Hollows, where the witches have been left ‘hanging’…  Face true maze terror inside DEAD End, and become alienated from your friends as you walk, alone, through ALIENation.  Full details can be found at

Panic-StationFor the first time, Wicksteed Park in Northamptonshire will be ramping up the fear-factor as it becomes WickSCREAM Park for the Halloween season!  Notorious travelling showman, Lazarus Savage, has arrived at WickSCREAM Park with his infamous troupe of freaks in tow, and is offering foolhardy punters a chance to witness sights and sounds they won’t forget any time soon… Dare you step inside the decrepit Cirque Savage, a once glamorous spectacle of oddities?  Across the Northamptonshire valleys, tales of a phantom train that travels between the world of the living and the dead, have echoed across the tracks of time. Legend states that this ‘ghost train’ collects recently deceased souls that were unscheduled to leave this world, and embarks on a journey to deliver them to their final resting place.  Dare you cross the tracks of life and death as you board the infamous express train, to your final destination – the Panic Station?  Full details can be found at

SW-2014Scareworld Magazine, Europe’s first and only scare entertainment publication has been re-branded for its fourth birthday.  Re-launched with a new look and design, it can be read FREE of charge at where hard copies can also be ordered.

Labirinto Lisboa, Portugal’s most extreme scare attraction will re-open in late November 2014.  The attraction opened for the first time in June, but closed temporarily a short time later, after a fire in a nearby building caused damage.  Full details can be found at

10382439_10152635958724258_8658639758296275984_nScare Kingdom Scream Park’s Christmas FestEVIL will return for 2014 on 11th, 12th and 13th December as A Christmas SCAREol opens at Manormortis, and Psychomanteum V: Santa’s Sack offers guests the chance to witness the fifth incarnation of this now world-famous haunt.  Details can be found at from November.

For 2015, Scare Kingdom Scream Park’s L’aMortis will return on 12th 13th and 14th February with Necromance – a zombie themed experience in total darkness, and Spring SCREAMing! Is guaranteed to make you howl with fear in late spring.  Horror Camp LIVE! is also confirmed to return for a fourth season in 2015, with dates from May to September to be released shortly.  Details will be at in due course.


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Sleeping bag?  Check!

Torch?  Check!

Nerves of steel?  Erm…

So, it was time for my annual journey to the infamous Horror Camp Live in Lancashire.  A self-confessed veteran, paying a visit to be terrified at least twice annually since 2012, the AtmosFEAR! team always seem to have something new up their sleeves to keep me on my toes, so I would never be particularly smug about returning.

The events of 2013 broached a rather near-the-knuckle introduction of sexual content to the element of fun and scares, particularly with the debut of Psychomanteum at Scare Kingdom Scream Park in October; a sexual aversion therapy clinic for the depraved!  Taking this sort of risk can always swing both ways (no pun intended!), so it was reassuring to hear that this creation had been met with inquisitive controversy, and was unofficially awarded the title of ‘the UK’s sickest attraction’ by The Sun newspaper.

Reverting to a tamer version of Horror Camp for 2014 was never really going to happen, so I needed to prepare myself for a journey into the unknown!

Despite the familiarity I have with the venue, it was all-change for the camp this year, with a brand new screening room/base and a different camping ground site.  Character-wise, some of the old favourites are still in existence­­––namely the old hag, Dybuk, and her pussy (which is starting to look like it really has been dug up!), Abe Cleaver, the farmer with a fetish or two and a serious attitude problem, and, may I say, a rather sexier Incesta Cleaver; Abe’s sister-wife.  Between them, these characters carry the show along nicely, with just the right amount of humour, smut and fear.  Dare you take a trip to the toilet, campers?

In particular, I have to praise the aforementioned screening room; now situated in a rather dark but glamorous ballroom.  Wow.  Forming part of the amazingly-structured Manormortis (an attraction in itself which has to be seen to be believed), the attention to detail is beautiful­­––not a word I’d ever imagine myself using for a horror experience.  Larger in size, let’s just say it offers more floor space for performances to take place!

Horror Camp Live Flyer FrontAs with previous years, whilst viewing a movie, the evening begins to play out before your very eyes.  After some lovely food, things turn a bit more menacing, in keeping with the sun going down and the darkness enveloping the camp grounds.

I was pleased that the main format is still very much task-based, although I can honestly report that the missions this year are somewhat messier than previously.  A few assignments draw you into the walls of the Psychomanteum clinic, and if you like to sit pretty and have your dignity remaining intact, you’re in for a shocking surprise.  Pretty much up for anything, even I had to blush on occasion, although with my face covered in “bodily substances”, no-one would really be able to tell!  Encountering characters such as Femflesh and Dr Killian Goodkind, the less terrifying option really is just to do as you are told and pray for restoration of your self-respect and decency later!

Of course, no Horror Camp Live experience would be complete without some form of sensory disturbance.  This normally involves a hood or a blindfold here and there and never disappoints!  There’s also an opportunity to have an up close and personal encounter with Automata; a sinister, clockwork automaton with the brain and heart of a human.  Remaining eerily silent, this freakishly weird creation of the chilling Lockjaw––terror mastermind extraordinaire and the guy who puts the ‘Horror’ into the ‘Camp’––ensures that actions really do speak louder than words!

Muscling in on the discomfort and underlying need to scrub yourself clean is the delightful Phoofa.  Unceremoniously unleashed from the clinic, she remains a fan of a phallic-shaped object and likes to stay close at every given opportunity.

Along with the chained and overfed Fatila and the alluring Jezebel (aka Jizzy Bell) and her bush, the actors are, as always, on the money with their comic timing and scares-a-plenty.  The production and scenery are seamless and, year on year, Horror Camp lives up to its ability to do exactly what you expect it to.  It lures you in, chews you up and then spits you out!

Following an eventful night in the tiny tent and a recovery breakfast, I left the next morning.

Knots in my hair?  Check!

Slightly battered?  Check!

Somewhat stained?  Check!

Dignity reinstated?  I’ll get back to you!

Horror Camp LIVE! season three will run throughout 2014, dates, prices and full details can be found at 10529508_10152924650801102_1799695715_n



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Let aviation pioneer Samuel Cody introduce you to an amazing journey through 100 years of aviation!

Be prepared for an immersive experience featuring live actors and special effects as well as physical and mental challenges. The history of aviation comes vividly to life as you journey through an aircraft factory, explorer’s maze and pilot’s camp; you are able to see, hear, touch and contribute to its story. Adopt night vision, battle the speed of sound or practice flight formations all before our final assent into orbit.

The Labyrinth of Invention will be open at Farnborough Air Show on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th July 2014.  Tickets cost £6.00 for adults and £4.00 for children.

The Labyrinth of Invention is being produced by Freeman, while AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment are producing all live performer elements within the attraction.

Book your tickets at


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On Thursday 10th July 2014, representatives from Europe’s ‘scare entertainment’ industry will convene at Hunton Park, Watford, England for the first of several events hosted by ‘HEX’ – Halloween Expo Europe. HEX is Europe’s only scare entertainment and Halloween attraction industry collective.  It was founded in 2014 by Sally Duguid of the former ‘Halloween & Scare Attractions Show’, Richard Cottier of ‘Farmaggedon’ and Jason Karl of ‘AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment’ to steer the growth of the scare entertainment industry and present the sector as a united voice.

This ‘cluster’ event is the first of many, aimed at professional scare attraction operators and Halloween entertainment industry specialists, with a varied line-up of speakers and the opportunity to network with potential new business colleagues.  The daytime event will be hosted at Hunton Park in Watford and continue later in the day Warner Brothers Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter.

Sally Duguid, of HEX, said “this will be the first time in Europe that an event of this type has been made available to the market, and we have been working ‘behind the screams’ for some time to ensure we can offer a unique event that will inspire and educate those already operating in this burgeoning sector, and those who are thinking of starting up in ‘scare’.”

The event includes a line-up of professional speakers from a variety of amusement industry sectors and includes:

DR TONY JOHNSON – ‘The Fascination with Fear’ Dr Tony Johnson is a lecturer in Ecotourism at the Buxton Campus of The University of Derby.  He is also the Programme Leader for the BSc (hons) Ecotourism and Joint Honours Ecotourism courses, and teaches on a number of programme modules.  A key area of interest in ‘dark tourism’, also known as ‘Thanatourism’.

MADELON HOEDT – ‘Creating the Fear’ Madelon Hoedt is a part-time lecturer for the Faculty of Creative Industries of the University of South Wales. She has been researching horror in performance for a number of years, and has published and presented on numerous topics, from scare attractions and zombies to sound and stage design.

JACKIE MULLIGAN & MICHELLE LANHAM – ‘It’s Not Quidditch; Creating New Rules for Your Social Media Engagement’ A focused and interactive one hour session designed to explore the future of social networks and the magic power they hold for organisations.  Using examples of innovative practices on social media as well as the latest research insights into why and how we will share, the session will leave attendees with some fresh ideas, tips, rules, strategies and insights into how to engage audiences in the now and in the future.

Tickets for the event are now available and priced at £125.00 per delegate including all seminars, buffet lunch and soft drinks, coach transfer and the VIP Tour of the Warner Brothers Studios. Tickets can be purchased online at Discounts for delegates wishing to stay on site at Hunton Park are available at £95.00 per room by calling 0871 222 4808 using the code HEXEVENT01.

For all the latest developments you can visit our website at , find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter at@HALLOWEEN_EXPO CONTACT HEX By email – By phone – 07889 628516 HALLOWEEN EXPO EUROPE – ‘Because Halloween is a scary BUSINESS’.


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After more than a year of construction, production, castings and rehearsals, LABIRINTO LISBOA is open as ‘Portugal’s Most Extreme Scare Attraction’.

The opening took place last Saturday, May 10, triggering strong and surprising reactions from those who experienced it.

Located in downtown Lisbon, in Santos, near Cais do Sodré, the first and only permanent portuguese scare attraction, offers 12 rooms and 15 themed scenes that take the visitors through the most dark and frightening legends and events of Portuguese History.

From the famous baker Brites de Almeida, to the mythic monster of the seas, Adamastor, and not forgetting other creepy figures like the thief, Diogo Alves, and the infamous baby killer Luisa de Jesus.

LABIRINTO LISBOA  is making an impact on social networks, having more than 3000 Facebook fans and followers, that are eager to experience the most frightening, dark and haunted catacombs of the city.

Portugal’s new scare attraction is owned by the portuguese company LBTE – Entretenimentos, Lda.

Come Visit Us… We’re Dying To Meet You…!

Open from Wednesdays to Sundays.

Rua do Instituto Industrial, 6-10 | LISBOA | Tel. +351 213 900 365

FOR MORE INFO: Ricardo Rodrigues | Tm. +351 925 494 948

Labirinto Lisboa was designed and created by AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment, Europe’s biggest supplier of scare entertainment –


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Adrenaline junkies are in for a big, bloody and interactive treat this summer as Horror Camp LIVE! – The world’s first overnight horror camping experience, returns for its third summer of scares.

Following its unprecedented success in 2012 and 2013, the terror team behind the event have re-imagined the offering with more heart-stopping content than ever before.  Forget cosy campfire sing-songs and toasted marshmallows, this is an ‘in-tents’ fear-infused fright fest for 18+ adults only.

Located on the grounds of Scare Kingdom Scream Park, at Hawkshaw Farm Park near Blackburn in Lancashire, the event sold-out in 2012 and 2013, following an appearance on Channel 4’s ‘Sunday Brunch’.

Jason Karl, Chief Creative Executive for AtmosFEAR! Scare Entertainment, who produce the event, said “Horror Camp LIVE! has been an incredible success story for Scare Kingdom Scream Park, with campers coming from all over the world to experience this international ‘first’.  For its third season we have all new scares, dares and terrifying characters for campers to ‘meat’”.

Horror Camp LIVE!, is the world’s first interactive horror camping experience, inspired by movies like The Blair Witch Project, Cabin Fever and Friday the 13th.  It is a unique 13 hour scare entertainment experience which mixes live scareactors, indoor and outdoor scare attraction environments, dare-based games and a horrifying story which manifests around the campers in four dimensions.

This new generation of ex-scream entertainment features psychological torture, sensory deprivation and hands-on simulated assault.  All new scareacters for the 2014 event include ‘Doctor Killian Goodkind’ – a twisted Doctor with a sick personality,’Automata’ – a living Victorian automaton and ‘Fatilla’ – an adult ‘baby’.  Horror Camp LIVE! favourites ‘Dybuk’ – a foul-mouthed hag, ‘Incesta’ – a transvestite beauty and ‘Abraham Cleaver’ – a maniacal farmer also return for this season.

Bored of traditional camping holidays? Visited all the scare attractions the UK has to offer? Love horror movies, books and games? Then why not try scare entertainment as it has never been seen before, you will have one hell of a time.

For full information, dates, prices and to book tickets visit


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